The creative body

In this movement class we develop the individuals physical vocabulary in relation to the group.

The body is our primary source of communication, that expresses and mirrors experiences, drives and feelings. We start out with floor work, going into improvisations, body memory and choreographic tasks.

This work deepens the skills of the physical performer, exploring the individuals energies and movement in combination with group awareness. 

Tutor: Sonja Salkowitchh


GPS Movement System 

This training is based on a research I have been doing over the last 13 years. 

After leaving my clown school, I was feeling I needed a more profound physical training for telling stories without words. 

I felt that the basic Lecoq mime training based on Marcel Marceau's study, did not give me the focus and connection to my body I needed before I could continue my work focusing on the plastic and isolation movements training. 

Even after I had study mime with Elena Markova in Russia. Had the possibility for studying  isolation and plastic training with the world famous clown company Licedei I still I felt that I needed more body awareness. Connection with myself and other performers. 

I then started studying the movement work with Butoh, where I found a new connection to the body. I spent time studying with the Japanese Butoh teacher and performer Moeno Wakamatsu, but felt that I still needed to find a way to physical connect with myself. 

Then I started to explore the Gaga training in Berlin, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg with the dancers and performers Melanie Sorin, Siri Wolthoorn and Madison Hoke from the Batsheva dance company based on Ohad Naharin movement language and pedagogy used in Israeli contemporary dance.

After bringing in the system of Butoh, Gaga, Mime, Plastic and Isolation training together, I explored a system which made me aware of my own body, feelings and connection. 

I also bring basic classical Russian Ballet training into my system. The new experiences from bringing the Gaga training into my developed system gave me some tools, for helping my students with dealing with there artistic fear and open and find a heart connection through the GPS Movements Training. The performances will build out and creat a movements alphabet based on the own life experience.

Over the last 3 years I have been teaching professional disabled and non disabled performers and dancers this system, and used it as directer and choreographer in the devising moment, where the stories are based on movements created from the performers’ and dancers’ own world of experiences. 

class 1  : Beginners

class 2 : Advanced 

Tutor Denni Dennis 


Corporeal Mime

In corporeal mime classes it is intended to develop the geometric spirit following some objectives: 

To identify each body segment consciously mobilizing them according to the concepts of planes, two-dimensional and three-dimensional through exercises on the Decroux technique and the classic corporeal mime figures and pieces. 

Know and apply the concepts of: time, space, action, attitude, gestures and movement. 

Consciously realize ideas that have a logical sense of body segments with different dynamics and qualities of movement, in concrete and/or abstract actions.

class 1  : Beginners

class 2 : Advanced 

Tutor Esther Muñoz 



Butoh opens our bodies to be moved by images and energies.

Our inner ear is tuned in on the vibrations of the surroundings, allowing us to travel through an abstract narrative.

These classes are based in a variety of exercises where the dance appears out of individual and shared stories.

Already from the warm up we work with emptying the mind, to give space to impulses and creativity, so we can immerse into a state of deep presence and attention. 

class 1  : Beginners

class 2 : Advanced 

Tutor: Sonja Salkowitsch


Classical Ballet 

In my teaching I focus on the technique behind the steps and the many details which is hidden in them.

I work with the natural grace, softness and strength in feet and legs (slow/fast), good placement and lengthening the body.

The combinations are based on simplicity so the dancer can focus on the technique.

class 1  : Beginners

class 2 : Advanced 

Tutor: Karina Elver