We are pleased to Welcome you at the Winter Movements Academy's new GPS Movement System Youtube Channel for professional both disabled and non disabled performers and community groups, whom are working creatively and physically with their body.

From August the 10th you will be able to following our 2 new classes in the 12 weeks online GPS Movement System!

The GPS Movement System Youtube Channel is founded by Arts Council of Wales and in partnership with Melville Centre for the Arts Abergavenny Wales UK.

Level 1: 12 sessions for both non disabled and disabled performers in wheelchairs whom cannot stand up during a session.

Level 2: 12 sessions for included performers - standing up through the sessions.

Every Monday morning there will be upload a session during all 12 weeks.

This will take you on a 12 week physical journey. We have divided the sessions into 2 different levels for disabled and included performers, for those wanting to develop their physicality and their performing skills.

The sessions will push your physical strength and develop your emotional connection and expressions. The weekly sessions will be developed from session to session.

Session 1 is a 16 minutes introduction of the system, and will take you through an interesting and exciting artistic journey that ends up in a 38 minutes highly physical and emotional Connection Session at week 12.

Every week the level will be developed with extra 2 minutes per session and introduce new skills through the 12 weeks.

The GPS Movement System is based on physical movements created from your spine, which are sent through the body by focusing on the body's impulses of closing and opening and are boosted with melodramatic feelings - as a physical mask. Put on your face, your shoulders, your bottom, your knees and your feet - explored and connected from your spine.

By repeating the system you will as performer create an emotional spine release through the sessions which will help you recognizing your own emotions and create pure and organic movements. The Youtube Channels sessions will have an introduction everytime by the BSc (Hons) physiotherapist Joanna Keen MCSP.

Please join - your journey can begin by following this link on August the 10th!