We are pleased to welcome you to the Winter Movement Academy's new GPS Movement System YouTube Channel funded by the Arts Cuncil of Wales.

Created for professionals, both disabled and non-disabled, performers and community groups, who are working creatively and physically with their bodies.

Level 1: 12 sessions for both non-disabled and disabled performers in wheelchairs, who cannot stand up during a session.

Level 2: 12 sessions for inclusive performers - standing up through the sessions.

Registration is open for 2021

The Winter Movement Academy is a great programme of 3 weeks' physical and mental training for your body and soul. The Academy is for disabed and non disabled performers working and creating together. 

January 18th - Febuary 5th 2021.

This 3 week programme will get you in shape and ready for the Spring of 2021.

Here you have the possibility to challenge your own physical skills and to build up a new strong body awareness for your future professional career as a performer.

Tenerife is one of the warmest places in Europe in January and February, so why not give yourself 3 weeks with Sun, Healthy Food and New Possibilities.

I have put together a great team of physical tutors who are ready to 

guide you in exploring Ballet, Butoh and the GPS Movement System.

If you have never tried out my GPS Movement System, you can get a taste by following and attending this 12 week online training program at the Winter Movements Academy's new GPS Movement System Youtube Channel.

The Channel will premiere on August 10th. Go find the pages for your 12 week GPS M S training at the bottom of this page.

The Movement Academy is open to all levels. You can make your own weekly programme, whether these disciplines are new to you, or you are an advanced dancer with or with out a disability. 

We will start the morning with Yoga and continue with various 

workshops. The day will round off in our movement laboratory, where we will explore all your creativity with an artistic, unlimited spirit. 

In the Open Space 2021 we are going to explor the spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, and the Winter Movement Academy 2021 will end the year with the creation of a sight Specific dance movie created togethere in The Open Space 2021. 

You will have the possibility to follow our daily meditation and 

mindfulness programme. After lunch you will get your own time to prepare the changes you would like to bring back home after this time out.

The Winter Movement Academy is a great boost of healthy eating, daily exercises and 3 weeks of exploring your own body.

A new beginning for the year.

We look forward to meeting you in Tenerife 2021.

Denni Dennis

Founder of The Winter Movement Academy