Weekly Program and Contact

Week 1 

Sunday January 15

  18.00-20.00 Greetings and GPS Movement Session 

Monday January 16 

  10.00-12.00 Waking up the Boddy 

  12.00-13.00 GPS M S Biomechanics

  13.00-16.30 SIESTA

  16.30-18.00 Water - Boddy and Biomechanics

  19.00-21.30 Open Space/ From text to movement GPS M S

Tuesday January 17 - Saturday January 21

   7.30- 9.00 Yoga

  10.00-12.00 GPS M S Biomechanics

  12.30-14.00 Ballet

  14.00-16.00 SIESTA

  16.00-18.00 Butoh

  19.00-21.30 Open Space/ From text to movement GPS M S




Week 2

  Sunday January 22

  18.00-20.00 Greetings of new arrivals and GPS Movement Session 

  Monday January 23 - Wedensday January 25

   7.30- 9.00 Yoga

  10.00-11.30 GPS M S Biomechanics

  12.00- 14.00 Ballet

  14.00-16.00 SIESTA

  16.00-18.00 Butoh 

  19.00-21.30 Open Space/ From Text to Movement GPS M S

Thursday January 26 

   7.30- 9.00 Yoga

  10.00-12.00 last work on poems/ filming 

  12.30-15.00 GPS M S Biomechanics

  15.00-16.00 SIESTA

  16.00-18.00 last work on poems/ filming 

  19.00-21.30 last work on poems/ filming. 

Friday  January 27

   7.30- 9.00 Yoga

  10.00-14.00 Filming of poems

  14.00-16.00 SIESTA

  16.00-17.00 Filming of poems 

  18.00            Ending party 

Every year The  Movement LAB will created an ending product. 

Again this year we are going to created a Sight Specific Dance Movie.

We will again explor the work of Federico Garcia Lorca.


Full price 2 week Movement LAB2023: 600 EUR

Price by Weekly booking: 400 EUR

Deposit for securing a place: 100 EUR

 2 weeks of Movement LAB2023 EARLY BIRD PRICE by Booking/Full payment before 1st October 2022:  500 EUR

Participants are responsible for their own travel, food, and housing arrangements, as well as for providing their own health             insurance  that will cover medical care in Spain for the duration of the programme.

The Winter Movement Academy's students house have shared/ singel rooms avalibale from 50Eur - 225Eur per week in the resort Mare Verde